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TacTiles™ is a way of installing Interface carpet tiles, that offers an alternative to the traditional glue installation method.

TacTiles™ are clear plastic squares with a special releasable adhesive applied to one side.

TacTiles™ are laid with the adhesive side up below the carpet tile, and can join up to four tiles to produce a “floating floor with no adhesion to the sub floor. Furthermore, TacTiles™ contain no liquid component which eliminates the issue of health hazards from VOCs. So, the installation can be carried out at any time even when staff are in the building. They are easy to use, and without permanent adhesion, are easy to Remove, Replace and Recycle.

These plastic squares though small can withstand even the heaviest abuse from a forklift. Also, when laying our tiles with TacTiles™ on delicate floors like Wood, Granite and Marble, Interface carpet tiles can be laid and removed without damaging the original floor.

Finally, a key reason for creating TacTiles™ is to reduce our environmental footprint in installation. Using TacTiles™ reduces waste by 90% and can be recycled through the ReEntry® program.
Why TacTiles™ ?
Find out how our glue-free TacTiles™ carpet tile installation system gives you greater flexibility, easier replacement, long-term performance and a lower environmental footprint.
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