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Flooring Solutions for Industry Collection

Good Industrial design is about having products that withstand the toughest environments and knowing where and when to use them.

Inzide's Flooring Solutions for Industry Collection provides a complete flooring solution for any industrial project. You can trust that both Forbo and Interface products will perform to the highest standards, with 15 year standard product warranties.

Our team of flooring consultants are able to take you through the product options, considering different technical details that might otherwise be overlooked, so for the best outcome talk to us.

How the space is used defines the type of flooring required


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Swatch and Viewbook available

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IBB Entrance matting-791-698-832-655-216
Entrance Matting-829-516-634-459

IBB Flocked Flooring-120-161-460-319

IBB Carpet Tile-982-488-357-847
Carpet tile-685-83-616-236

IBB Heterogeneous Vinyl-322-811-325-819
Heterogeneous Vinyl-912-995-502-490
IBB Homogeneous Vinyl-923-56-577
Homogeneous Vinyl-179-946-731
IBB Safety Vinyl-856-200-175
Safety Vinyl-38-205-955
IBB Specialist Solutions-380-303-175
Specialist Solutions-348-998-77
ESD and Cleanroom-805-804-877
Flooring Brands


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