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Forbo Resilient Flooring Available NOW

Allura Flex Collection

Allura Flex Luxury Vinyl Tile

Allura flex is a collection of high quality, dimensionaly stable, heterogeneous modular vinyl tiles and planks. The design concept of Allura Flex consists of the most realistic wood designs in the market, but also essential concretes and interesting textile and colour effects, featuring larger sizes and the distinctive Hungarian Point format, and are easy to combine.
The collection works beautifully with carpet tiles due to the same gauge saving time, money and the need for transition details.
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Allura Flex 1679 office-290
forbo vinyl
Red 1542
50cm x 50cm Square
forbo vinyl
Aqua 1544
50cm x 50cm Square
Forbo vinyl
Orange 1541
50cm x 50cm Square
Forbo vinyl
Lime 1543
50cm x 50cm Square
Please call 0800-800-656 to check availability.

Note: We operate a NO HOLD policy on this stock. Orders will always take priority.
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