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Garden Hotel

Installation: Garden Hotel

Specifier: Ping Lim

Product: Asana, Outlook & Equilibrium

Ping Lim is a fantastic customer come friend of INZIDE Commercial. Ping understands value like no other. Putting carpet tile into a hotel was a very easy step for Ping to make. Any incident, simply remove the carpet tiles and replace them – within 5 minutes the room is readyfor its next customer. The trick of course is to pick dye batch mergeable, random patterned carpet tile. Ping understood this benefit immediately. With dye-batch mergeable carpet tiles, replacement tiles always blend back in and irrespective of where they are used, (bedroom, conference, hallway, entrance) the carpet tiles always look like they have always been there. NO “hey look at me, I’m a patch”.

Ping chose different patterns for the different uses of the rooms. The cheaper family units had darker carpet as the soiling likelihood was higher. The more expensive suites had lighter softer patterned carpet tile.

And wow, what a look. Excellent – and importantly for theGarden Hotel, the flooring is now an investment, not a cost. It is fit for purpose, works like a dream and the flooring is never an excuse not to have a room ready for a guest. It’s all about occupancy rate and the flooring needs to help this, not work against it.
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