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Hotel Grand Chancellor

Installation: Hotel Grand Chancellor – Auckland Airport

Specifier: Hotel Grand Chancellor

Product: Yin Yang – Harmony Aries – 1m x 1m format

Like the ancient Asian concept, Yin Yang is a glorious celebration of opposites, each design distinct yet dependent on the other, creating a perfect blend of sophisticated beauty and sensory comfort.

Hotel Grand Chancellor understands customer service, beauty and comfort – this is their core reason to exist within the hospitality sector. And so Yin Yang and Hotel Grand Chancellor became a great flooring union. But aesthetics aside, carpet tile just made so much more sense for this significant hotel operator.

Any incident, simply remove the carpet tile(s) and replace them from your cupboard stock – within 5 minutes the room is ready for its next customer. Occupancy rate determines hotel profitablility and the last thing you need is your carpet preventing you from achieving that very important KPI.

Hotel Grand Chancellor choose the large carpet tile format – simply the large patterns is the look that they were after. And wow, what a look.

Excellent – and importantly for the Hotel, the flooring is now an investment, not a cost. It is fit for purpose, works like a dream, looks and feels lush underfoot and the flooring is never an excuse not to have a room ready for a guest.

Well done.
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