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Amesbury Primary, Wellington

Installation: Amesbury Primary, Wellington

Specifier: McKenzie Higham

Installer: Hills Flooring

Product: Cubic Colours – Various colours

Amesbury Primary was a brand new school. The Ministry of Education (MOE) wanted the carpet to last and not wear in pathways quickly and have frayed edges within a couple of years. The MOE wanted the floor to excite the students and create a vibrant learning environment. And, being taxpayer funded, the MOE needed to ensure life-time value.

McKenzie Higham had no hesitation in choosing Interface carpet tile from INZIDE Commercial. Broadloom and all its maintenance hassles is just NOT fit for purpose. Edges and seems fray, high traffic areas quickly wear out while other areas that experience no traffic remain like new. Carpet tile is the solution. High traffic areas can be swapped with low traffic areas during the annual school holiday shut down period if required. And Interface carpet tile from INZIDE Commercial has a 20 year education performance warranty plus is registered with the Asthma society as an asthma friendly product. And INZIDE are great to deal with in all aspects of the selection through to final installation and ongoing warranty and performance.

Now it was simply a matter of choosing the pattern and colours. Cubic colours was such an easy choice. Look at the pictures. With a dazzling selection of 16 colourwaysthat range from bold primaries to candy pastels, and incorporating i2's revolutionary mergeable dye lots which can be selectively picked and replaced, even years later without looking out of place, cubic colours is a fantastic option for schools.

WOW – what a great floorplate that accentuates this open plan environment. Areas are defined through colour. The space is exciting and very fit for purpose. And 20 years on the floor warranty. The MOE definitely got their life-time value equation nailed.
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