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Blockhouse Bay Primary School

Installation: Blockhouse Bay Primary School (upload under Educational - Gallery)

Specifier: DLM Architects

Installer: The Flooring Centre North

Product: Cubic & Cubic Colours Collection

Photographer: Dasha Tapa

Blockhouse Bay Primary restoration was completed in 2018. The project brief was to reflect the vision ‘we seek, we strive, we soar’ incorporating the schools colours.

The school is represented by the Pohutukawa tree, the Manukau Harbour, the green slopes (represents the Blockhouse Bay Community) and the bird (which represents the children who will be prepared to fly after a journey of learning and share this knowledge across the world).

With the above providing a great brief, DLM architects chose colours to represent each element. Interface (represented by INZIDE in NZ) is the pre-eminent modular design leader globally and so looking to them to ensure quality, capability and design options was an easy choice. Blue tones were used to represent the Manukau Harbour, green represented the Pohutukawa tree, the black the community and the red tonalities represented the Pohutukawa flowers.

Add to this creative floor, Interface’s full 20 year education warranty plus world leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns and quickly you realise what an excellent flooring choice was made.    

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