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Installation: Chomondeley Childrens Centre
Product: Cubic, Cubic Colours, I-Line

Architect: RMBH Architects – Christchurch

Installer: Flooring Centre

As dawn broke over Governors Bay, a small group of people began to make their way through the newly rebuilt Cholmondeley Children’s Centre, blessing the building in preparation for events later that day. Led by Riti Pitama of Ngāti Wheke, and assisted by the Reverend Neil Struthers, the dawn blessing ceremony was a chance to reflect on all those who had gone before: Hugh Heber Cholmondeley himself, who persevered through red tape and difficult site conditions to erect the original building; Cyril Smith, whose legacy enabled the rebuild to be completed debt-free; and Lachie Griffen, The Grand Old Man of Cholmondeley, whose decades of service and commitment to Cholmondeley are unrivalled.

It was also a chance to appreciate the bright future ahead, as the sun began to rise on what was to be a glorious spring day.
Prime Minister John Key officially opened the building, assisted by Aiyana Manson-King (14) and Javanah Roberts (11), who gave speeches about how their stays at Cholmondeley had impacted on their lives, and their hopes for its future.

The day marked an official end to four years of earthquake recovery, and the beginning of a new legacy for the children and families of Canterbury in the form of a purpose-built centre, designed around the rights and needs of today’s children.

Chomondeley is a special place and the new facility needed to enliven, stimulate learning and offer a piece of home. Interface carpet tile was chosen due to its performance, great value for money, endurance and design. Great result for a great bunch of kids. Add to this;
  • 20 year full performance education warranty
  • World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns
  • Colour, texture,  and biophilic design
Put it all together and you have a world leading flooring solution for a world leading education facility. Simply brilliant.
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