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Kelburn Primary School - Wellington

Installation: Kelburn Primary School – Wellington

Specifier: McKenzie Higham

Product: Net Effects, Walk the Plank, Step Repeat & Equal Measure


Innovative education environments are evolving in response to new thinking on teaching and learning. Not so long ago, the norm was teachers delivering knowledge to students in isolated classrooms. Now, the emphasis is on community and the power of collaboration made possible by shared spaces.

Kelburn school is built on a hill side with limited grass space and classrooms around the campus including across the road – the brief was to consolidate as much of the learning under one roof and create flexible play and outdoor spaces on this constrained site. Today, Kelburn School is a ‘must see’ example of a 21st Century modern learning environment in Wellington. Learning spaces are vibrant, with individual character and challenge traditional ideas of both organisation and teaching. They also offer direct access to adjacent outdoor areas, and reinforce collegial and collaborative teaching practice.

Teachers, parents and students have welcomed the school as high quality, vibrant, robust and accessible. It is a place that the children, teachers and the broader community identify with, and have adopted as a valuable local resource.

Interface carpet tile was used throughout for multiple reasons;

  1. Vibrant, easy to maintain carpet tiles with excellent facility management benefits
  2. Full 20 year performance guarantee
  3. Solution dyed nylon ensuring great appearance retention and being asthma friendly.
  4. Great value with true aesthetic beauty captured on the floorplate.


Once again Mckenzie Higham delivered a truly exceptional learning space.

IMG 20181106 174442-325
IMG 20181106 174454-437
IMG 20181106 174446-206
IMG 20181106 174546-265
Flooring Brands


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