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Maidstone Intermediate

Installation: Maidstone Intermediate – Lower Hutt

Specifier: Jasmax – Wellington

Installer: JM Coulter Flooring

Product: Cubic Colours – Various colours

Maidstone Intermediate was bursting at the seams when it came to fitting a class into the library. So out with the old and a sparkling new library was to be built. The staff and architect had specific flooring requirements, they wanted the carpet to last and not wear in pathways quickly or have frayed edges within a couple of years. They wanted colour to add interest and indicate different areas. They wanted NO VOC’s. (baddies in the air for adhesives drying). They wanted the product to hide soiling on those wet rainy days and they wanted the floor to sparkle. An interesting part of the brief was ‘easy patching’.

Jasmax had no hesitation in choosing Interface carpet tile from Inzide Commercial.
Broadloom and all its maintenance hassles is so yesterday. Carpet tile is the solution.
'Sparkling' had Jasmax move to the cubic colours range with its multiple colour palette mixing colours while using the black/bronze as a base allowed many parts of the brief to be nailed. Lastly was the patching issue and NO VOC’s. Inzide are specialists in flooring and having Interface in their stable of products allowed for the use of Tac-Tiles™, a no adhesive installation system. This system allows for the effortless uplift  of tiles for remedial works/replacement. So easy yet holds the floor perfectly, its magic inspired by Geckos of all creatures! 

As always the 20 year education warranty has this project covered for many years to come.
ell done Jasmax. Excellent result.


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