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Marist College, Mt Albert

Installation: Marist College - Mt Albert, Auckland
Specifier: Teachers & Staff at Marist College
Product: Outlook Perspective - Random pattern

Marist College is a Catholic Integrated school relying on parent donations, Catholic diocese funding and grants from community organizations to provide the education level expected from it. Hence when capital money is spent it must work, and work very hard.

Outlook carpet tile was chosen as it has a random design with mergeable dye lots ensuring very low wastage on installation and very easy maintenance. The 20 year education warranty on the performance of the carpet tile was also a key consideration. Simple cleaning and the lifetime antimicrobial properties of the tile were big added bonuses to the decision.

The photos taken are in the admin building which includes a staffroom, reception and main office areas. The 10 year castor chair warranty is therefore very beneficial and the mergeable dyelot nature of the pattern means that as they get more funds they can easily take the product out into the classroom areas without having to worry about the patterns/colours not matching. All in all, a very happy staff.

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