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Sun Valley Kindergarten

Installation: Sun Valley Kindergarten - Wainuiomata

Product: Marmoleum Sheet

We want the best for our children and Marmoleum helps create a healthy, safe environment that is also practical and stylish. Marmoleum, available in sheet and tile format is made from 97% natural renewable, raw materials. It has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation and has natural permanent anti-bacterial properties that kill MRSA and norovirus.

Colour & Design options allow for true creativity (see the photos alongside) and personalized style. Topshield, the revolutionary finish on Marmoleum ensures easy cleaning and low lifecycle costs. A fun, functional floor that reflects the mood of the children that explore every inch of the space. 

Add in the fact that over 20,000,000m2 is installed every year around the world and that it comes with a true 15 year performance warranty backed by Inzide (the supplier of Marmoleum in NZ) and you know that Marmoleum is the very best choice for any learning environment.

And you can either have it with or without an acoustic/comfort underlay...

Sun Valley Kindy 4-497
Sun Valley Kindy 5-344
Sun Valley Kindy 3-406
Sun Valley Kindy 1-466-847
Sun Valley Kindy 7-690
Sun Valley Kindy 11-491
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