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The Hub - Victoria University

Installation: The Hub – Victoria University

Specifier: Athfield architects

Product: Marmoleum – various colours

MARMOLEUM is the product for impact. For creativity. For durability, easy cleaning and simple maintenance. It is the product for Universities.

The Hub at Victoria University shows just how easy it is to meld and shape into the design that you see working in the space.

Add in these attributes

  1. Natural product – no synthetic plastics or PVC here. Just sawdust, linseed oil, tree gum  natural dyes and time
  2. Naturally Anti-microbial – Linseed oil
  3. Un-paralleled durability – Auckland airport, 22 years on the floor, +100,000,000 feet and still performing. Remember it is only 2.5mm thick.
  4. 150 years pedigree – a truly global product with 20,000,000m2 being installed each year. Installed in both the Kremlin and the White house.
  5. So smooth and quiet to walk on versus plastics.
  6. Amazing natural colours and textures – some ranges even incorporate chocolate cocoa husks. No wonder they smell so good.
  7. Modular or sheet – design possibilities are endless

Marmoleum is always the answer when the question is “I need a resilient floor”. I need resileient furniture.  Look at the pictures around these words. Beautiful. A floor that any craftsman would be happy to say – hey I installed that!!

IMG 3451-356
IMG 3377-572
RB02 study alcoves 3-119
IMG 3387-307
IMG 3427-110
RB02 computer commons 2-916
IMG 3391-883
IMG 3413-495
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