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University of Auckland Lecture Theatre

Installation: University of Auckland Lecture Theatres

Specifier: University of Auckland

Installer: Mainzeal

Product: Phases Fitout

With over a thousand students a school day going through their lecture theatres, Auckland University needed a carpet that was tough. Really tough and really good and ensuring the mass of noise emanating from the students was reduced as much as possible.

As well they needed their stairs carpeted requiring the need for unbacked rolled goods for the up stands – [see photo – notice how you can’t tell the difference]. The bottom of the stair gets the wear not the wall of the stair. Solution is very easy to install, saves the installation on cost and quite simply is a superb finish.

Net result:

Performance -YES (15 Year guarantee)
Noise - YES (excellent sound absorption)
NO Germs - YES (life-time anti-microbial built into the carpet tile backing
Customer Happy - YES (installed into all the lecture theatres)
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