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University of Otago Library

Installation: University of Otago Information Centre & Library

Product: Dot Com Internet, WWW Internet , WWW Cyberspace

With thousands of  feet pounding the carpet every day the flooring needed to be tough. And the students though discreet carry copious amounts of food into this state of the art facility. So the carpet needed to be super heavy duty, great at hiding soiling and be excellent at stain removal. And it needed to help in the control of noise in this very open plan space.

Dot Com Internet and WWW Internet was chosen as it met the needs brilliantly. It provided excellent life-time value for money with a 15 year wear warranty.

Being solution dyed nylon the yarn itself is built to both spring back and actually repell staining. Certainly helps with all those isotonic drink spills now prevalent within the student community. Add to this a life-time anti-microbial and the only choice for such a facility is Interface carpet tile.

Performance              -YES (15 Year guarantee)

Noise                           - YES (excellent sound absorption)

NO Germs                  - YES (life-time anti-microbial built into the carpet tile backing

Customer Happy       - YES (installed into all the lecture theatres)
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