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University of Otago, Psychology Building

Installation: University of Otago Psychology Building

Specifier: Tim Heath - Architectural Ecology

Installer: Dunedin Carpet Court

Product: Entropy RE Spruce & Profile

Among the features of the $25 million building are a new Clinical Psychology Centre on the fifth floor and a roof garden, where rows of native plants will purify rainwater before it is recycled, to flush toilets and irrigate other gardens. The William James Building has been named in honour of influential United States psychologist William James.

The Otago department had grown strongly over the past 15 years and had been very short of space. The building provided a clear "front door" for visitors to the department, as well as more high-quality space, including for research

The flooring choice? Entropy RE (RE for post-consumer recycling) was Interface’s first random patterned carpet. It is based on Nature’s design philosophy. Throw the leaves in the air from the forest floor and they’ll also land perfectly. Disturb the pebbles in the stream and they will come back perfectly. Nature’s floor is a random floor – always perfect, always right. Interface adopted this concept and even patented the design philosophy. Hence you lay the carpet tile any which way (we say fuzzy side up) and dye batches merge, progressive installation is painless and any repairs in the future where carpet tile are replaced are simply not seen – the dye batches merge and the tiles all look the same.

This story resonated with the team at Otago University and the colour choice "Spruce" was what took the time to decide upon. Profile is another random product but patterned very subtly. The two colours in the ranges complemented each other very well. Net result, a fantastic floor plate that is so simple to look after, can be churned with ease as and when required contains close to 70% recycled content by weight and is itself 100% recyclable. WOW – no landfill for Dunedin.
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