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Waikato University Student Service

Installation: Waikato University Student Services

Specifier: Trevor Harris with INZIDE commercial

Product: Cubic Colours Collection (various colours)

It was a simple brief when it started. The broadloom is failing and we need some carpet tile to replace it. Simple – What colour would you like? Same as the existing! No more blue! No more green! Shouldn’t it be the Waikato University colours? It appeared that everyone had an opinion.

So dialling it back to the need and purpose of the facility all were able to agree that a certain amount of energy was needed. Likewise the customers (students) are what the facility is there for. Not for the staff who run it. SOOOO the big leap was made. Let’s do what everyone has asked for. And let’s add some energy and Life to the floor. But is must be easy to maintain (Trevor).

Result – Interface carpet tile. Unparalled performance attributes, full 20 year education warranties and withcubic colours you get energy and dye batch mergeable product ensuring on-going maintenance is very very easy.

Well done all concerned. You were all right. We just needed to see the bigger RIGHT.
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