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Waikato University, Tauranga Campus

Installation: Waikato University – Tauranga Campus
Specifier: Chow Hill
Product: Suits-U Oxford Yellow

With Waikato University wanting a high class presence in Tauranga, the choice of flooring was a critical component. They needed a floor that spoke to the brand (quietly), was functional and importantly was welcoming.

Inzide Commerical ( then InterfaceNZ's) new product Suits-U was perfect for the job. You pick the background tile colour and then pick which colour line you want running through it. The lines are placed randomly in 1 of 4 places on the tile. Some will match up, but most won't. And that is exactly the idea. By breaking up the line you provide a wealth of benefits:

It's subtle yet very brand specific
It looks great
The non-direct linear nature ensures maintenance of tile is easy Soiling is hidden by the non-direct linear tile as the eye isn't drawn to out of pattern areas – it simply sees a great looking floor and spills and marks blend into the background until the cleaner can get to them.

Add in the 20 year education warranty and Interface’s extremely strong sustainability credentials and you have a product that is very fit for purpose.

Well done Waikato University and well done Kate.

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