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Waimea High School

Installation: Waimea High School Nelson
Specifier: Red Box Architects
Installer: Hubbers Flooring Xtra - Richmond
Product: Cubic Colours black, Cubic Colours green, Cubic Colours orange

Waimea High school were refurbing their arts department and labs over the holidays. This consisted of a main atrium type corridor with 4 classroom/labs feeding from it.

Two labs have resilient flooring due to paints, dyes, inks etc that are used. However in each is a centre piece of resilient flooring that has been cut into the main floor and is either green or orange.

The other two classrooms are carpeted as their use is different (graphic design). Hence way finding using the green or orange is now the norm within the block and design wise the central corridor now works in with the classrooms and is a design feature in its own right.
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