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Wellington Kindergarten

Installation: Wellington Kindergarten

Product: Marmoleum – marbled range

It goes without saying that children and childrens mess are a flooring persons nightmare.

Yet when opportunities arise to put marmoleum in childrens learning environments we have no hesitation in doing so. We ask you to stay away from the white colours but that’s all. After all colour is what gets kids excited so use the huge colour range available. Bland is boring.

Marmoelum is;

  1. A Natural product – no synthetic plastics or PVC here
  2. A Naturally Anti-microbial – Linseed oil
  3. Has Unparralled durability – Auckland airport - +100,000,000 feet and still performing
  4. Has 150 years pedigree – a truly global product with 20,000,000m2 being installed each year
  5. So smooth and quiet to walk on versus plastics.
  6. Has Amazing natural colours and now textures – some ranges even incorporate chocolate cocoa husks. No wonder they smell so good.
  7. Available in Modular or sheet – design possibilities are endless

We ask you to have a special look at the coving. Often we are told you can’t bend marmoleum. Sorry  but that is not true!! Look at the coving shown in these pictures. Just get the room to a decent temperature 18 degrees celcius+, and let the marmoleum sit there for 24 hours prior to working with it. It will bend beautifully after that. Marmoleum cannot be installed by cowboys. It is a natural product that will give you a lifetime of service if you treat it correctly when you install it.

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