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Wellington Kindergarten

Installation: Wellington Kindergarten

Product: Marmoleum – marbled range

In advertising they say ‘never work with children or animals’, it goes without saying that children and children’s mess are a flooring persons nightmare as well. Yet when opportunities arise to put Marmoleum in children's learning environments we have no hesitation in doing so at all.

This incredible product is extremely hard wearing (it’s been down in Auckland International Airport for 20+ years), 97% natural ingredients and absolutely safe for our precious little ones.  Not to mention the extensive colour options available globally, 300+! After all colour is what gets kids excited so be brave bold and have fun with Marmoleum – the kids will love it!

Marmoleum is;

  1. A 97% natural product – no synthetic plastics or PVC here
  2. Naturally Anti-microbial – Linseed oil means it has a natural bug fighter built in
  3. Has unparalleled durability – Auckland airport - +100,000,000 feet and still performing
  4. Has 150 years pedigree – a truly global product with 20,000,000m2 being installed each year
  5. So smooth and quiet to walk on versus plastic / vinyl
  6. Has Amazing natural colours and now textures – some ranges even incorporate chocolate cocoa husks. No wonder they smell so good.
  7. Available in Modular or sheet – design possibilities are endless

It is a natural product that will give you a lifetime of service if  it is treated correctly when installed.


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