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Auckland District Court, Take 2

Installation: Auckland District Court – Take 2

Specifier: Ministry Of Justice

Product: EntropyRE Basalt, Entropy Variations and Solid Foundation Dark Olive

If you own commercial real estate carpet tile is a no brainer. Pure and simple. The options, flexibility and $$$ savings are huge.

This is a great example.

The MOJ needed a floor that would hide significant soiling, stand up to lots of foot traffic, cope with graffiti and still look good. On top of this they needed way-finding capability as many of the Court's clients have colour and/or reading impairments.

Initially, the concept was to make way-finding the lead criteria and so oranges were chosen. Unfortunately it was bright and the solid tangerine colour showed up soiling quite badly.

So take 2 was required. The effort involved was one flooring installer taking two hours to walk around the 2,000m2 floor plate, lifting up the orange tiles and replacing them with green ones. The racing lines outside the court doors took most of the time as the tiles needed to be cut. The orange tiles were taken away and recycled.

And the cost to totally change the look – less than $1,500.

Given we're talking about a multi-thousand dollar floor plate, $1,500 is a very small sum of money to rectify a colour issue on a floor plate. If broadloom had been installed and the decision made to change out a colour, the cost would be multi-thousands of dollars, as you would need to start from scratch.

Once again carpet tile demonstrates its very strong value equation.
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