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Dunedin City Council

Installation: Dunedin City Council
Specifier: Baker Garden
Installation: Dunedin Carpet Court
Product: Cubic in custom colours

The Dunedin City Council (DCC) needs to ensure that gaining value for its rate payers is always top of their agenda. Whether it’s purchasing flooring, providing council housing or simply ensuring that waste water is treated correctly, value for the ratepayer is always heir top concern.
In this case they needed carpet that would be used throughout their building and also in multiuse/public areas – the café, the walkway.
The brief was;

Look great – Interface are the global design leaders in carpet tile
Perform – Yes all Interface carpet tiles come with a 15 year warranty – including castor chairs – best warranty in the business
Be easy to maintain – it is carpet tile so that’s a BIG yes to begin with. Then add in solution dyed 6.6 nylon – the best yarn on the market for ease of cleaning
Not cost more than broadloom. Easy – broadloom has a 5-7 year life span plus large costs for fixing significant issues – ie a tear. Interface carpet tile has a 15 year warranty. Given carpet tile costs about 20% more but lasts 2 to 3 times longer than broadloom, the value equation over the life-time is very much in favour of carpet tile.

Add in custom colours to differentiate the different areas; a dye batch mergeable product that hides soiling and can so easily be installed (with less than 2% wastage) and so easily be maintained (replaced tiles simply blend straight back in) and you have a fit for purpose carpet option for the DCC.
Looks great, performs strongly and very importantly, provides great value for the rate payer.

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