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Landscape Research, Tamaki Auckland

Installation: Landcare Research - Dunedin
Specifier: Landcare Research
Installer: Dunedin Carpet Court
Product: EntropyRE Variations

Landcare, as a protector of the New Zealand environment, understands sustainability in all its intricacies. The tamaki campus operates a patchwork quilt concept. However, not all buildings/interiors can adopt this concept.

Landcare Dunedin chose EntropyRE variations.

The RE stands for post-consumer recycled backing. It is also a random tile ensuring:

Low wastage on installation - typically less than 1%.
Mergeable dyelots - allows progressive installation and selective replacement when one gets 'munted' with no noticeable 'new tile effect'.
Strong patterning - ensures soiling etc is effectively hidden until the cleaners come in.
High yarn content - ensures longevity (rated commercial heavy duty and stairs) so replacement is at least 15 years away.
High recycled yarn content - growing in % every year. The colour variations were chosen to represent NZ's natural surroundings with lush greens, typical of our superb national parks and pastures. And yes we will take the carpet tile back at the end of its life and recycle it back into new carpet tile which we will sell again.
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