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MOJ Special Jurisdictions, L3 Chorus House

Installation: MOJ Special Jurisdictions L3 Chorus House

Specifier: Stephenson & Turner

Installer: Flooring Junction

Product: RAW – various colours

Now this is what I call a WOW flooring solution. WOW in colour, WOW in texture and WOW in the way the flooring forms a key part of the interior Fitout. And I can add in another WOW from a life-time maintenance viewpoint.

Let’s just talk the carpet tile. For a start RAW is a random patterned dye-batch mergeable product. So any remedials in the future will just blend straight back in. Add in the use of different colours of RAW and you have random on top of random. Talk about easy easy maintenance from now on. One tile gets “munted” and you simply remove it and replace with another; – Even doing this in 15 years time, no-one will know that you have replaced a tile.

What a stunning floor. What a stunning space. Another completely step change for the Ministry of Justice in making their spaces more inviting, more transparent and treating their clients in a very professional and welcoming way. Well done!!
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