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Supreme Court of New Zealand

Installation: Supreme Court of New Zealand
Specifier: Warren & Mahoney
Installer: Tinakori Flooring Ltd
Product: Equilibrium Proportion

In October 2003 the Supreme Court replaced the role of the United Kingdom's Privy Council in the New Zealand justice system by Act of Parliament, and in January 2004, became New Zealand’s highest court of appeal.

The Supreme Court building is connected to the historic Old High Court, which was built in 1879. Although quite different in form, the new building, with its 8m high exterior bronze screens, relates to the scale of the existing building.

Architect Roy Wilson says, "The design of the courtroom panelling was influenced by the spiral diamond patterns of a kauri cone, and the idea is that court is the seed of a new tradition in New Zealand law."

So with such an iconic building, the choice of carpet also had to be thoroughly researched to ensure that it too, would be in keeping with the nature and tradition of the building. Interface carpet tile was chosen as the best colour, texture and general fit for purpose carpet for this building. The 15 year warranties, ensuring superior performance were critical. Its high recycled content and ability to be 100% recycled back into new carpet tile were also crucial requirements. Add in the ability to increase the pile to ensure underfoot comfort and a soft grey shade to complement the wood paneling and the fit was complete.

The building is awesome, the design is iconic and the carpet tile meets the need brilliantly.
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