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Birchleigh Residential Care Center

Installation: Birchleigh Residential Care Centre

Installer: Carpet Court Dunedin

Product: Outlook Perspective

Aged care facilities need floors that cope with extreme conditions. Incontinence is always an issue. However add the current array of pills & potions that a patient may be on and that urine can quickly take on acidic qualities.

Interface’s Solution dyed nylon carpet tiles are the only solution you can rely on. Each tile comes with a life-time antimicrobial built into the backing of the carpet. Each nylon yarn is ‘Protekt’ protected meaning that it cannot absorb stain into the yarn. And most importantly should a tile become soiled, simply replace it with a stock tile and take out the soiled one for gentle washing in the sink with warm water. If the stain is particularly bad, you can even use diluted bleach (1 part bleach, 4 parts water). As the colour is throughout the yarn, you cannot remove the colour unlike dyed fibres such as wool or inferior printed nylon carpet tile. And in NZ’s conditions, no sun fade. Another real plus.

Birchleigh was also looking for a tile that could be used in their restaurant where food spills do occur. Again, the answer is lift the tile and replace with another – less than 1 minute to make the change and the floor is back to its best. At your leisure you can deal with the soiled tile.

So interface carpet tile was chosen – it is the best in the industry. Dye batch mergeable product in a soft blue was then chosen. Simply Interface’s revolutionary dye batch mergeable I2 product is a true winner in the Aged care space. So easy to look after and any replacements of tile even years later simply merge right back in, invisible to the human eye.

Net result, a very satisfied customer and very fit for purpose floor plate.
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