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Claude Switzer Rest Home

Installation: Claude Switzer Rest Home

Specifier: Harrison & King

Installer: Kaitaia Flooring Xtra

Product: Aiki

Claude Switzer were expanding their floor plate and adding in new rooms. They were looking for a sophisticated, neutral yet plush carpet tile. Carpet tile was a given. Aged care facilities need to be able to change out carpet, clean carpet or get to the substrate very quickly. Broadloom is just not fit for purpose for this.

Two options exist for aged care:

Seal the concrete floor first. Then apply Inter-tac adhesive with it’s life-time anti-microbial. Then on top of this goes the standard carpet tile. Any spills can therefore be easily got to by uplifting the carpet tile, removing the ‘odour producing’ spill and putting back a new carpet tile why the previous carpet tile is on the washing line drying after being thoroughly washed with luke warm water. The substrate seal stops the spill being locked into the substrate.
Use a method we call systems 6 +. In this case you seal the floor but don’t use any adhesive. 1m X 1m tiles are used and there edges are sealed together creating and impervious floor. Spills are captured on the surface of the bigger tile. Should a tile need to be removed you scribe around it and replace with a new tile and reseal the edges.

Claude Switzer opted for option 1. Now the choice of colour and texture. Aiki just came through as a winner. We did suggest using random designed tile but in this case the look they were after for the facility dictated that Aiki was chosen.

Looks great – excellent job all round.
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