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Collingwood Health Center and Pharmacy

Installation: Collingwood Health Centre & Pharmacy

Specifier: Arthouse Architecture

Installer: Carpet Court Nelson

Product: Equilibrium Neutral, Level 2 Terrain & Level 2 Shale

This health centre sits in the middle of busy Nelson and is a health centre with various stand alone health businesses attached to it. Ie Physio, Pharmacy, Clinic.

The brief was relatively simple, upmarket, clean and definitely the carpet must contain an anti-microbial.

No problems, Interface carpet tile contains a life-time anti-microbial build into the backing that the yarn is tufted through. No sneezey germs going to live in that.

And up market? No problems; lineal pattern, quarter-turned with a high loop texture providing real comfort.

And the one thing that wasn't thought about - putting some ABC123 tiles in the children's play area. Now sorted. The wonder of modular, so easy to transform.
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