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Golden Pond

Installation: Golden Pond - Whakatane

Specifier: Golden Pond & Mike Bryan

Installer: Miekles

Product: Outlook Perspective

Golden Ponds is a low category aged care facility that had the typical broadloom carpet problems. Fraying seams causing tripping hazards, worn corridor areas, and colour fade due to the many hours of sunlight in the BOP.

Golden Pond chose Outlook Perspective due to its many facility management benefits and great design for the aged care community. Being a random tile, there are no patterns to match and no dye lots to worry about. This means less than 1% wastage on installations (vs a standard of 15% for broadloom) and should a tile need replacing, no one will be able to tell the new tile from the old. So the floor will always look immaculate. Simply massive $$$$ savings all around.

Cleaning is a breeze. Simply pick up the stained tile and wash it in the sink with warm water. Then hang it out to dry.  Use replacement tiles in stock to fill in the holes and put the washed tiles back into stock when they're dry.

The tiles are made from recyclable solution dyed 6'6 nylon that has an inbuilt anti-microbial for the life-time of the carpet, prevents stains from penetrating the yarn and will not fade in the harsh NZ sun.

WOW what a brilliant solution.
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