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Installation: Intra-Care or Mercy Angiography

Product: Marmoleum Decibel (acoustic Marmoleum)

Architect: Klein Architects

Installer: Prescott Flooring

Marmoleum – the most sustainable “man-made” flooring in the world with a 150 year pedigree. Still the only natural resilient product. Why use vinyl when you can use Marmoleum.

It is made from natural products (sawdust, tree gum, linseed oil and natural dyes and…. Time) and lasts forever when installed. Akld International airport departure lounge with the big wakas cut into the floor – 22 years and 100,000,000 feet. If that doesn’t prove how good it is then nothing will. It is so nice and quiet to walk on. Cabinet makers even create desk and counter finishes with it. Very importantly, linseed oil is a natural anti-microbial and Marmoleum is naturally anti-static as well due to the wood composition of its make-up – so it is the most fit for purpose resilient flooring to use in all healthcare facilities.

Klein knows this and so Marmoleum was the flooring of choice. They were keen to add another level of underfoot comfort without compromising the floor. After-all it is a private medical centre!!

Hence Marmoleum decibel was chosen – it adds another 2.5mm of underlay to provide that comfort level (also reduces impact sound reverberation) while still looking great and not compromising the easy clean and beautiful nature of Marmoleum. Love your work.

Add to this

  • 15 year full performance warranty

· World leading healthcare benefits from Marmoleum – kills 99.9% of germs landing on it

  • Top shield making cleaning so so easy.

Yes MARMOLEUM – it is the flooring solution of choice for every medical facility.

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