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Manuka Street Hospital - Nelson

Installation: Manuka Street Hospital

Specifier: Arthouse Architects

Installer: Carpet Court Nelson (Harveys Floorpride)

Product: Aerial Collection

Manuka Street Hospital is the result of a partnership between Southern Cross Hospitals and Manuka Street Charitable Trust. The hospital offers different specializations such as orthopaedic procedures, gynaecology, urological, endoscopy and general surgery.

The hospital building has been the same since 1966 and in 2017 had a huge renovation in order to expand to cope with the growth of the area.  

The project brief was essentially upgrading the reception area and creating a safe, comfortable and welcoming place.  For that reason, Interface carpet tile, supplied by Inzide Commercial was chosen.

The Interface Aerial Collection fitted the designer’s intention for the project perfectly. The carpet tile not only offers more natural hues (very appropriate for healthcare) but also because the key concept was to create movement from one tile to the next, giving a very sophisticated visual.

An extraordinary result!

Manuka Street-561
20171130 104204-87
20171130 104304-89
20171130 104346-779
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