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Metlifecare, Palmerston North

Installation: Metlifecare Palmerston North

Specifier: Inteman Design, Palmerston North

Installer: Midway Flooring Xtra, Palmerston North

Product: Protégé & Maestro

WOW!! What a great looking floor. Aged care is transforming very quickly away from the concept of the retirement village. The Aged care segment is expanding strongly into independent living communities with easy access to care (if required) right through to full convalescent living.

Metlifecare, a very forward thinking aged care provider were keen to transform the image of their Palmerston North facility. Yes it still has hospital care on site, but the village concept with independent living was a key factor that they were keen to bring to the fore. Their older building needed to be upgraded as buildings do from time to time.

But how do you show culture within the confines of 4 walls and a floor. How do you show that the building is about community, living independently with a strong support structure, and if you need additional help it’s there.

Structural improvements add longevity to the building. But it is the interior that says to the kids and parents looking at an aged care option that this place is modern, is about community and is the right choice for the parents next stage of life.

Rodney is an Interior specialist and in spending a little more on the flooring he transformed the place. Not only does Metlifecare get all the benefits of quality carpet tile, BUT:

15 year complete NZ backed warranties.
Life-time anti-microbial built into the carpet tile.Solution dyed nylon – no sun fade and easy to remove stains and spills.
Best life-time value of any soft flooring in the industry.
Patterns, texture and loop pile that oozes luxury yet performs and is fit for purpose.

So Rodney, once again you have taken an ordinary space and through your magic turned it into the extraordinary. Well done. Very very well done.

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