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Middlemore Hospital

Installation: Middlemore Hospital – Ko Awatea

Specifier: Jasmax

Installer: Hills Floorings

Product: Outlook & Cubic Colours

Ko Awatea is a multi-use site incorporating conferencing, IT learning and classroom learning.
Hence the space itself needs to be flexible, conducive to learning and very easy to maintain and look after.

Given the healthcare nature of the site, a carpet tile with a built in anti-microbial was important. Concurrently having IT equipment around necessitated a carpet tile that would dissipate electrostatic shock. And lastly being a conference centre, colour and field tile that would work together was also important.

Jasmax had no hesitation in specifying Interface carpet tile supplied by INZIDE commercial. All Interface carpet tile contain Inter-sept, a broad spectrum anti-microbial that is built into the carpet tile so it is there for the life of the tile. Concurrently All interface carpet tile meets theelectrostatic propensity tests so NO shocks emanate from it. And lastly, choosing a random patterned, dye batch mergeable product means that keeping the place looking great is just so easy. Should a tile become ‘munted’ even years after installation, simply remove it and replace with another tile from the storage cupboard – it will blend right back in and NOT say “look at me I’m a patch”.

Add in the cubic colours range (also random patterned and dye batch mergeable) and the energy level , way finding and pure aesthetic beauty is enhanced and simply works brilliantly.

Net result a very fit for purpose flooring solution with a 15 year NZ backed performance warranty ensuring the best life-time value of any flooring product on the market.

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