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Milford Eye Clinic

Installation: Milford Eye Clinic
Specifier: Wendy & Mike from the Eye Clinic
Installer: Flawless Carpets
Product: Cubic Dimension

The Milford Eye Clinic had specific colour and performance needs. They had purchased high value high, design furniture and glass paneling with plum, passionfruit & mauve colours.

The existing carpet needed a refresh and the new carpet had to work with the existing décor.

Cubic is a new range in our Random [I2] portfolio with an intriguing mix of colour and highlights. The colour dimension had purple hues, darks and interesting tints. As a flooring it would easily perform given its superior solution dyed nylon construction. And the deep random colouring would hide any myriad of soiling until the cleaners arrive. Net result, the flooring was very fit for purpose and co-ordinates the office interior.
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