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Northern Clinic and Southern Cross Hospital

Installation: Northern Clinic & Southern Cross Hospital

Installer: Basically Floors

Product: Stitched Up Pattern & Tape

The Northern Clinic is a specialist private healthcare facility with the Southern Cross North Harbour hospital incorporated into the building.

The Northern Clinic encompasses different specialists within their own fields with their own office and surgical areas. Downstairs is a coffee shop which also provides the catering for the complete facility.

Attached to the Northern Clinic is the Southern Cross hospital incorporating 60 beds and surgical theatres. The complete facility uses carpet tile. Easy for rolling patient beds, comfortable to walk on, look great and importantly they incorporate an anti-microbial ensuring that any nasties hitting the floor plate quickly cease to be an issue.

Simply Interface carpet tile supplied by INZIDE Commercial in NZ are fit for purpose for healthcare due to

Biophilic design (not chosen for the Northern Clinic)
15 year true performance warranties
Life-time anti-microbial incorporated into the carpet tile
Low resistance to rolling loads – hospital beds, wheelchairs, food trolleys etc.
Sensitive choice low allergen rated

Within the Northern Clinic the different specialists use different carpet colours. Stitched up is the main pattern. The main corridors use the colour pattern, The café uses the colour Tape and the various different specialist rooms use different colours. So the complete facility looks coordinated yet each area is slightly different. Great result.
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Flooring Brands


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