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Shakespeare Rd Surgical and Specialist Center

Installation: Shakespeare Surgical & Specialist Centre
Specifier: Staff at the Centre
Installer: Flawless Carpets
Product: Outlook Perspective

The centre had 3 needs. Look good all the time, last well and provide great value for money.

The answer was simple.

Solution dyed nylon carpet tile – hardest fibre known to man (except spider web) that will not stain (The fibre that is). The stain may sit in the carpet but a hot water extraction [or lifting it up and running it under the tap] will bring it back to new.

Random patterning – random pattern is natures design. Mergeable dyelots providing progressive installation and room churn as and when required. Hides soiling and allows partial replacement without showing a patchwork effect. Net result – always looks good.

Great Value – do the math’s. This tiles cost is comparable to super heavy duty broadloom carpet but is warranted to last twice as long. Excellent value.

And the end result – one very happy clinic.
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