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Sprott House

Installation: Sprott House, Wellington

Installer: Howard Flooring

Product: Blue Print, Aiki

Sprott House offers a modern, quality range of residential facilities and aged care, including a purpose built, state of the art dementia care unit. It was first established in 1898 as St Mary’s Guild and has been providing services to the community ever since. Flooring Assignment: To provide a modern flooring solution which combines practicality, odour control and aesthetics, creating a warm, uplifting environment for Aged Care residents. Flooring Solution: Interface carpet tile. Interface carpet tile uses a flooring system designed for the exacting needs of a high dependency unit yet offers the comfort for independent living. Interface carpet tile has a life-time anti-microbial (Intersept) built into the carpet tile. In addition the adhesive (Inter-Tac) also contains an anti-microbial. Hence the system works to ensure that microbes don’t get the chance to grow and create the odour often associated with aged care facilities. Sprott House's focus is their residents, and excessive time spent on maintenance can be a distraction. Having the confidence in Interface means having one less concern to deal with. Any maintenance required for the flooring is simple and time efficient due it’s modular construction. Repair or replacement can be easily achieved in sections, quickly, and without comprising the intended look of the facility. This means less disruption to the residents of Sprott House and more time spent focusing on their overall health and wellbeing. Interface carpet tile creates a home-like appearance for the residents while still providing a practical solution for the staff. Its 15 year performance warranties are the icing on the cake.
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