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Lockwood Eco Showhome

Installation: Lockwood Eco Showhome, Rotorua

Specifier: David Strachan

Installer: Alf Courtney – Carpet House

Product: Blueprint Plot

The ‘Gullwing’ is the first of Lockwood’s major steps to environmental sustainability. With a roof form reminiscent of a soaring seabird, the wings are ideal placement of solar panels. The design is in tune with nature, with the north facing bedroom and living areas allowing for optimum sunshine, and the outdoor room acting as a natural climate control zone.

It provides additional thermal mass and enables you to open or close the room to keep in sync with the ever-changing weather conditions. Complete with modular planning (including our own Modular carpet tile), it provides complete versatility and multiple living benefits.

Interface’s extremely low VOC carpet, with high recycled content and 100% recyclable back into carpet tile was installed with the use of Tac-Tiles™. Tac-Tiles™ are clear plastic squares with a special releasable adhesive applied to one side. They bond to the tile and not the subfloor. They are 90% more sustainable (LCA assessment) than adhesive and provide for removal without leaving anything behind. Just as Lockwood is building the future, InterfaceNZ leads in carpet flooring with innovation, new ways of thinking and complete systems thinking.
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