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Museum Hotel

Installation: Museum Hotel, Wellington

Product: Broadloom being replaced with broadloom

Steve Aschebrock; "I was in Wellington for a couple of days on business. Inzide Commercial often runs events in Wellington (tour of key buildings that have our vinyl and carpet in them (The Rock, COCA, Supreme Court, NZ Post House, BNZ etc)) followed by a night at the WOW arts.

So booking out multiple rooms in Hotels is something we are interested in. I thought I’d look into the Museum Hotel. This is what met me. Tripping over piles of old carpet, being waylaid as I tried to get into the lift and lots of glue smell.

Ridiculous. Needless to say the experience was very poor.

How simple would it have been to replace the old Broadloom with Interface Hospitality Tapestry carpet tile. (Tapestry is the Interface developed carpet tile answer to Axminster).

You get all the WOW of beautiful design, underfoot comfort and low cost (about 30% cheaper than Axminster) with all the benefits of carpet tile.

Installation is done area by area, no need to clear the furniture away. Simply shuffle it around in the same space.
Patrons are not inconvenienced with large public areas roped off, or worse having to trip over carpet as you come out of the lift, or walk across the room.
NO Glues = no nasty smells. Use Interface’s patented no glue tac-tile installation system.
Cleaning up is so easy. Have a red wine spill, simply lift the tile and replace it with a spare tile. Old tile gets washed in warm water and hung out to dry to be used at another time).

Full 15 year performance warranty.

So if you’re in the Hospitality area and need to re-carpet, think seriously about the Interface Hospitality range.
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