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Te Papa Museum of New Zealand

Installation: Te Papa, Museum of New Zealand, Wellington
Specifier: Craig Turvey
Product: World Safari Custom

In February 1998 Te Papa was officially opened. A place of national significance housing NZ tahonga and free to the public. Prior to this opening date the pressure to “get it right” in all aspects must have been immense. The whole of NZ was watching.

Interface carpet tile (supplied by INZIDE Commercial) was specified for Te Papa from a design perspective. Its performance aspect was secondary though still critically important. By June 30th, 2011 18.8 million people had visited Te Papa. I am writing this in April, 2014, when well over 20 million pairs of feet have now trodden all over the carpet tile. And it still looks great.

The carpet tile has not been changed apart from where gallery changes have been made. The main halls are all original 16 year old carpet tile. And very importantly as they have been maintained correctly, they do not have to be replaced. What a testament to performance - 20 million pairs of feet have stepped on each carpet tile. And each carpet tile still looks like new, is performing robustly, and has an anti-microbial built into the carpet tile still ensuring that any microbes & germs are being neutralised to maintain the healthy internal environment.

So from a carpet perspective it has to be said that Craig Turvey got it very, very correct. The tax payer was well looked after by specifying Interface carpet tile as was the space itself.


Ngāti Toa is a new exhibition opening at Te Papa at dawn on 14 June 2014. This exhibition is being produced in collaboration with our upcoming iwi-in-residence, Ngāti Toa. Each resident iwi takes the paepae of our marae for the three years they are based here.

Ngāti Toa’s exhibition will open during Te Papa's 2014 Matariki Festival, and will be situated next to the marae on Level 4 of Te Papa. The exhibition will focus on the Ngāti Toa tribe - their history, the present and their future aspirations. The exhibition will take the form of a modern story of Iwi, and be both an engaging and interactive experience for visitors. LOOK OUT for the new carpet tile that we are donating to this exhibition. Carpet tile that is100% recycled and 100% recyclable from NZ. True cradle to cradle action happening right here in NZ. INZIDE is still the only company truly recycling carpet tile from NZ –Yes we do export 100% recycled content carpet tile out of NZ again ensuring the carpet tile does not become landfill in NZ.
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