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Wanganui Court

Installation: Wanganui Court

Specifier: Ministry of Justice

Installer: Hobday & Lorentzen Flooring Xtra

Product: Entropy – after 5 years of wear

WOW – this carpet has been trashed, trodden over, had multiple food items spilled on it, puked on and all manner of public space abuses performed on it.

Look at it. These photos were taken 5 and a half years (February 2013) after the carpet tile was installed. With regular cleaning and a 6 monthly hot water extraction with 65 degrees celsius+ at the nozzle Interface carpet tile will handle whatever you want to throw at it.

Our reference site are the symonds street underpasses at Auckland University which on any "school" day was 15,000 pairs of feet walking through each underpass.

Back to Wanganui Court. Entropy's pattern was Interface’s first "biomimicry based" design. The leaves on the forest floor when picked up and let fall always end up looking perfect. Same with pebbles in a stream that you put your feet into – the current always brings the pebbles back into perfect alignment – though different to before your feet messed them up. This design philosophy which we call random design then allows dye-batch mergeablility to occur. Just a perfect concept for a man made floor that Interface patented the design philosophy worldwide.

So Wanganui court has a highly patterned floor plate which disguises soiling until the cleaners can get to it. It has a dye-batch mergeable design so that when a tile is “munted” a replacement tile from the storage cupboard just blends right back in.

This tile contains a life-time anti-microbial built into the tile plus offers a full 15 year performance warranty.

Tax payers demand value and justice. With Interface and the Ministry of Justice they get both.
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