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Westpac Branch

Installation:  Westpac Branch – 2008 Format & 2014 Format

Specifier:   RCG & Context Architects

Product:  Format 1 - Blueprint Form and Syncopation Flame
                 Format 2 - Relay Track, Urban Retreat, Colour Me

Bank branches need to be welcoming to the customer and a testament to the brand of the Bank.

You are the way others see you. Hence the ambience of a branch needs to exude calm, trust and reassurance. People are the first brand promise. Superior service and customer knowledge create the second brand promise. And coming up third is the attractiveness of the branch to conduct business in.

In the 2nd format look, context wanted to create a destination trust is distinctly Wellington.

With carpet tile it is so easy:
- Easy to clean
- Easy to design with
- Easy to change

In moving to the 1st format look, RCG and Westpac were keen to move to a greater emphasis on the brand projection. Hence the use of Syncopation Flame in large format feature areas.

The look is sharp and certainly states Westpac in no uncertain terms. Syncopation as a carpet tile is termed internally as sophisticated luxury. A fabulous carpet tile with depth of pile and lovely tonal colouring.
WP 20140108 001-916-50
WP 20140108 003-945
WP 20140108 002-848
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