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Ziera Shoes

Installation: Ziera Shoes

Specifier: Retail Consulting Group

Product: Walk the Plank – cut in half again

The overall concept for the new Ziera flagship stores is to represent quality, tradition and thoughtful detail, with a sense of movement and comfort, which is what Ziera shoes offer as a brand and in their products. Zig zag and herringbone patterns are a new feature of the brand architecture for Ziera.

The floor design involved 'Walk the Plank' in two different colourways Beech & Cyprus laid in a herringbone pattern, with the colour designed to graduate from light to darker as you move into the space. The gradual colour shift creates a sense of intimacy as a customer walks toward the back of the store, which leads is the POS and comfortable try, share, fitting area.

On technical note the planks were watercut in half lengthwise, to create a unit size of 125 x1000mm to create an even more refined element. The design worked well to achieve a modern softer iteration of a traditional parquet floor.

Add to this the best in class 15 year warranty, easy easy clean flooring, no wear area performance and most importantly underfoot comfort with high pile (for when the customer is walking on their stockings) and you have the perfect solution. Interface carpet tile supplied by INZIDE Commercial is the answer for all your flooring needs.
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