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BDO accountants - Gisborne

Installation: BDO accountants - Gisborne
Product: Net Effects – various colours
Architect: Architects44
Installer: Carpet Court Gisborne

BDO offers a full service relationship approached accountancy practise. They are professional, educated and specialists in their field of expertise.
Within Gisborne they employ over 70 staff and are a key professional advisor on the East Cape.
After many years it was time to refurbish their offices. They needed the flooring to be serviceable, beautiful and talk to the Gisborne area.
Their design consultants quickly got in touch with their flooring supplier – INZIDE Commercial. What options exist. Your quality is the best in the Industry (Forbo Resilient and Interface carpet tile). Interface’s designs lead the world. But what about the local Gisborne area.
INZIDE responded with - Without Blue, There’s No Green

Let us explain.
Net Effects describes a product set but more importantly an ideal. The ideal is symbolised in Net Works. Net-Works provides a source of income for small fishing villages in the Philippines while cleaning up their beaches and waters of discarded fishing nets that threaten their livelihood and the very precious double barrier reef off their shore. Discarded fishing nets are collected and sold to our trusted yarn supplier and partner, Aquafil. Since 2011 they’ve been re-purposing waste nylon from discarded fishing nets and other sources, including yarn reclaimed through our own ReEntry® program, to provide recycled content nylon for Interface carpet tile
Net Effects is a collection of 6 patterns. Net Effect One is three textures in 50cm squares that, when placed side by side, describes the precise moment when the sea foams into the shore. Net Effect Two is a collection of three products in our new 25cm X 1m Skinny Planks™ format that captures the fluidity of water even in linear patterns with expanding and contracting rhythms. The shared palette was drawn from the deepest parts of the ocean to the sun and salt bleached wood and stones of the shore.

An elegant design solution for the floor and a socially responsible design solution for a fragile economy – that’s a very positive Net Effect. And a great result for BDO Gisborne.
  • 15 year full performance warranty (including castor chairs)
  • World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns
  • Colour, texture,  and biophilic design 
  • A world leading flooring solution for a pre-eminent professional company in Gisborne.
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