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BNZ - The Terrace

Installation: BNZ - The Terrace

Specifier: Unispace

Product: Premium Base Build Collection

BNZ’s The Terrace had a lofty goal. Create a digital workplace with multifunctional spaces. Create a space that the digital masters of Wellington who have Weta as a potential employer would be happy to brag about.

Create a technology platform that would span 12 levels, always be on, be relevant, and enable the digital workforce.

AND…be best in class around sustainability during this refurb.

To bring this goal to life, Unispace prioritized 3rd party audited “green” credentials, quality and aesthetic – no middleground. For this reason, Interface carpet tile (supplied by INZIDE) was chosen as the flooring solution.

Apart from the brilliant acoustic qualities of this tile, Premium Base Build also offers a seamless floor with rhythm and flow.

The grey and black hues brought harmony and sophistication to the Terrace, while the materiality of the tile integrated into the user’s sense of luxury and home. Add to this the fact that the carpet tile is made from recycled carpet tile itself AND is 100% recyclable from NZ (yes old tile is exported back to the mill to be given a new life) and you know the flooring nails the brief

A sustainable and innovative way to meet the digital workforce needs!

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