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CBRE Offices, Auckland

Installation: CBRE Offices, Auckland
Specifier: Creative Spaces
Installer: Lovich Flooring
Product: Solid Foundations Black, Fast Forward Licorice, Swing Stroke, Loneco Midnight Sky Vinyl

CBRE needed a new flexible working space. With sales agents frequently in and out the opportunity for a flexible working space that allowed people to come and go without the need for expensive churn maintenance was critical to the design concept.

Concurrently the space needed to be bright, vibrant, have energy and meet the criteria of a green star rated building. Then add GFC, commercial vacancy rates skyrocketing and tight money supply.

The result. Interface carpet tile & InterfaceNZ supplied Lonseal Vinyl. We came to the party with our new value range called Swing, added a sophisticated linear tile and the result was simply superb. Well done Ella, well done CBRE.
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