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Cognition Education

Installation: Cognition Education
Architect: Cameron Studio
Product: Basics & Cubic Colours
Installer: Lovich Floors

Originally Cognition Education needed to fit four more workstations into their workspace. A simple need. Kelly worked with them on their work flow management which saw them install twelve new workstations. That was just the beginning of an enduring client, designer relationship.
When Cognition Education decided to relocate, they engaged Cameron to help find new premises and ensure the right fit for them. Flexibility was key. Cognition Education needs to be able to  expand and contract due to the different contracts they undertake. The majority of their team are fluid in where they work so Cognition Education adopted a flexible way of working, gave everyone not deemed as ‘fixed’ a locker space and created large benches for people to work at while in the office. This is supported by a number of meeting spaces, both closed and open, and quiet rooms. The space has vibrancy, an increased occupancy rate and happy people.
Hence modular flooring that exuded style, could perform strongly in compressed areas and very importantly highlight key areas was critical. Interface carpet tile (supplied by INZIDE in NZ) was the choice for a number of reasons. Value, service, performance and colour were top of mind.
Add to this
  • 15 year full performance warranty (including castor chairs)
  • World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns
  • Colour, texture,  and biophilic design
And Cameron Studio knew they had the right product set. Wonderful result and a very happy client.

 MG 1371-897
 MG 1388-473
 MG 1404-572
 MG 1430-143
 MG 1387-156
 MG 1403-242
 MG 1429-467
 MG 1434-480
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