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Installation: Datamail – East Tamaki
Specifier: Telco
Installer: Hills Floorings
Product: Blueprint Form and various Solid foundation colours

The brief was simple. Value, Corporate and a touch of colour to add spark & life.

Blueprint being part of our NOW (in Our Warehouse) range enjoys everyday low pricing due to our ability to manage large manufacturing runs with full container shipping. Concurrently its pin stripe effect states corporate with heritage values.

Solid foundations in a linear format across much of the upstairs office space and in large circles in the breakout areas adds that spark of life and opens the spaces both visually and within employees minds as a more interesting place to work.

The result is fantastic and really shows how the flexibility of carpet tile can give a designer a 5th wall to work on. Also look at the Netvalue case study. Same blueprint product (in grey not charcoal) with solid foundations used to add a marvelous touch.
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