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Design Group Stapleton Elliot Offices

Installation: Design Group Stapleton Elliot Offices - Wellington

Product: Continuum & Bikepath

Architect: DGSE

Installer: Timms Flooring

When an architectural practice says that they are moving / or refurbing … and need new carpet ….. you go GREAT!! – then wait for the design to wind its way through to the team and metamorphasize in front of you …. Conceptually more often that in scaled drawings. You stand back and go WOW!! That looks great and under your breath go … ah..um..ah how will we bring that to life.

But then you do – Interface carpet tile (supplied in NZ by INZIDE) is the global design leader, global sustainability leader and we INZIDERS, there people on the ground, know the Interface product inside and out. There is always an answer.

So just give us the concept and let us come back with the reality of what can be done … and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Add to this

  • 15 year full performance warranties, including castor chairs
  • World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns
  • Colour, texture,  and biophilic design tufted into the product – no sun fade here
  • Manufactured in true ISO accredited mills with true 3rd party certification on the product
  • Solution dyed nylon to ensure it stays looking great
  • Intersept antimicrobial built into the tile for its life-time.

Why would you look anywhere else.

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