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IAG CHCH Call Centre

Installation: IAG – CHCH Call Centre

Architect: Pelorus Architecture

Product: Planks – UR501 & Walk the Plank

Installer: Dominion Flooring

This Pelorus fitout in the IAG NZI Building in Christchurch was seen as an opportunity for an innovative and flexible environment, uncluttered and clean, upmarket and professional. It had to achieve a spacious feeling, optimising natural light and outlook for all staff while embracing IAG NZ’s corporate principles of sustainability.

Fixed meeting rooms, quiet rooms and storage elements are centrally arranged and visually accessible through large glazed doors and individually accented with colour, regional names and iconic graphics. This treatment consciously rejects a bland, international approach for one with strong links to location and corporate culture and values. The design is rational and highly efficient. The flexibility of the design has been amply demonstrated, as it has effortlessly accommodated dramatic changes necessitated by NZI and State Insurance’s roles as insurers to many of Christchurch’s earthquake-affected home owners.

The flooring was utilised to create luxury, wayfinding and be seen to be different. Wayfinding in the form of boardwalks has proved very effective. Green on the west side symbolising the green of the West Coast of NZ and Blue symbolising the sea on the East Coast provides an understanding of location within this large 6,000m2 L shaped building. Walk the Plank with its high recycled yarn content is luxurious underfoot combined with UR501 (a sculpted design with high recycled yarn content) creates a sophistication within the floorplate. 

Add to this

  • 15 year full performance warranty (including castor chairs)

· World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns

  • Colour, texture,  and biophilic design in carpet plank format

Yes a world leading flooring solution from a world leading supplier to a world leading insurer.

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